How to Make Action Family Videos by GoPro Camera

Hi, we are a family with two babies and here we share tips and tricks how to make awesome action videos of family adventures using GoPro camera.

Have you ever experienced a memorable moment with your kids but had too busy hands to capture it on video and save it for later?

Want to Save Your Most Valuable Family Time on Video?

What about joyous moments in the playground? The baby is running around, so happy and you know that it would be perfect to capture this moment on camera. Then see it after many many years with your already grown up kid and smile together. But you can’t carry a bulky camera while running after your kid and saving him from falling from a ladder, right?

Have you changed your baby’s diaper while playing with him and see his first smile? What about making a video of such special moment and still having free hands to play with your lovely little one and finish changing the diaper?

Have you ever had fun in the pool? Maybe you did, but would you take your regular camera under water or on a toboggan or for a funny crazy jump from a plank with your kid?

Imagine the situation – you go on the trip to nature with your family where is literally nobody. You would like to have some family photo where you all are together having fun but you cannot see any other person who would make this photo.

Solution – Let’s GoPro

But wait, there is a solution. Let’s see how you can save these valuable moments for later (photos or videos), while having free hands, playing with your babies and at the same time creating an amazing video which is not just regular (and sometimes quite boring) family video.

This is all possible with GoPro cameras because they are so small, waterproof and durable (yes, babies can touch it by their sticky hands too).

The goal of our blog is to show you how to create these amazing videos with kids:

  • how to choose your GoPro family camera
  • resource page with the complete list of equipment, editing software, manuals and other valuable information
  • reviews of equipment we use
  • how to create an interesting story for your home video and prepare the scenes – ideas for family video
  • how to process your home movie into an awesome family video clip (software post-processing)
  • how to upload your video to Youtube, become popular and earn a few bucks to your family budget!